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A Fun and Simple Fund Raising Program

In order to bring out the distinct identity of your school, each card is personalized for your particular organization. It contains the school name and logo and also photographs. These may range from photos of the  basketball team to the cheerleading team to your beautiful school building.


Evoking some of the best memories for the community, the personalized scratch cards are designed to be their own spokespersons and in their own way add to the effort – as participants go door-to-door to collect donations.

Add Your Logo, Team/Group Photo, or Choose from a large selection of Seasonal Sport Themed Cards.


Any Sport or Academic you can think of, Just Ask !

You can Choose the following...


• Your Color Theme

• Add your Logo

• Add Photo of Team or Organization


Each Scratch and Support Campaign is custom designed for your organization.

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Group Photo

Sample Cards

Fire Dept Theme






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