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A Fun and Simple Fund Raising Program

The idea is simple enough.

• Decide to become the Scratch and Support Sponsor and order your cards.

• Your cards will be decorated with your schools logo and or group photo.

• Each student participant is given a card to take to Family, Neighbors,

   Friends or anyone who wants to donate to support your cause.

   These people we call donors.

• The donors are encouraged to Scratch Off one or more Ovals.

• The amount revealed is the amount they will donate.

• The student participant collects money in supplied envelope.

• Once all the cards scratch-off spots are revealed - All donations are

   returned to the sponsor - That's you...

Each card is worth $100.00

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    There is nothing quite as satisfying as the memories of our school days.

    Whether it is adults reminiscing about the old, carefree days or young

    adults savoring the first taste of long-lasting friendships – this is one

    association that has shaped us all in one way or another. That is also the

    reason why we all feel a personal connection when it comes to doing

    something for the schools in our community.


    And what better way can there be to contribute towards the organization than coming together with each other – community members, alumni, present students – and help the school in its fund raising efforts?  In this unique program, you now have the opportunity to play a central role in garnering assistance for your school or organization.


    The idea is simple enough. All you have to do is decide to become a sponsor and purchase the Scratch and Support cards, each of which contains 50 small boxes. Every box on the card has hidden beneath it amounts ranging from 50 cents to $3, in total adding up to $100 per card. The sponsors need to enlist the help of children as participants or even stand in themselves to encourage people in the community to scratch one or more boxes and donate whatever amount the box reveals for them. No box contains an amount higher than $3,  so this is not a huge investment for our friends and family donating.


    The participants need to go around till all the boxes have been scratched off of their card and collect the $100.  The scratch cards have been designed in a way so as to eliminate any confusion.  Moreover, the process does not involve any extra inventory for carrying out the work as all the supplies needed are provided.  Also, there is absolutely no follow-up required for this task and hence while the time invested is minimum, the gains are maximum.



    All that needs to be done is to purchase cards.  We will design your Scratch and Support card for you, and all the supplies you need will be shipped to your location within 10-15 days after your art work is approved.


    Call us at 1-800-428-6584 or Click Here to Order online.

• Personalized for your School or Group

• All Materials are Supplied


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