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A Fun and Simple Fund Raising Program

SAFETY FIRST - Follow these simple guidelines for a Fun and Safe Fund Raiser

While this fund raising is taking place, it is very important to remember the safety measures that need to be taken, especially if children are involved.


Children should be supervised by a parent or an adult whenever a door-to-door campaign is on.  At the very minimum always travel in pairs.

The participants should, as a matter of rule, never go out for this work alone.


Children must be told in no uncertain terms to not approach strangers or talk to them.  Going door to Door is different than having a stranger approach you.

They should also refrain from entering anyone’s house in order to prevent any incident.


It is advised to not carry a lot of cash, and selling at stop lights or street corners is not recommended.


We strongly urge participants to focus their efforts on the people they know well and trust.


In order to sell in front of stores or malls,  permission is required.

Parents should also be on hand to approve whom their children approach. Your active role is vital not only to ensure the safety of the kids, which is paramount, but will also aid their fund raising. This work must be done in daylight and any suspicious activity must be reported in the interests of all.


Stay Safe !



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